Redley Raramo. Photo credit: Trade Expo 2014.

Redley Raramo. Photo credit: Trade Expo 2014.

This year’s Trade Expo will focus on innovative products.

Event’s Chairman, Redlley Raramo says the event is not just another trade show, but an opportunity to display and showcase innovative products which can be improved and for overseas market.

Mr Raramo explains, an integrated technical task force will scout out opportunities to develop selected product.

“We are looking at pushing this forward in terms of the establishment of an integrated technical task force to consider product development of a couple of products which will be selected out during this trade expo. Another role of this task force which will be established is to work towards an incubation centre.”

He says, it is the wish of the 2014 Expo committee to ensure local products are improved to meet regional market.

Mr Raramo adds, other regional countries are able to penetrate the regional market- Solomon Islands must work hard to achieve a similar goal.

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