Solomon Islands Meteorological Service official logo. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Islands Met Services

Solomon Islands Meteorological Service official logo. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Islands Met Services

Another low pressure system has started to form – this time between Temotu Province and Vanuatu.

Director of the Meteorological Services David Hiriasia confirmed the system to SIBC News today, saying it is lying within the southern parts of Temotu Province and is likely to influence the weather.

He says the low pressure system, which started forming yesterday, is expected to further intensify towards this week and into the weekend.

“As usual, that system, the forecast is for it to travel down South and as we always advise, even if it goes down, it’s still like to influence our weather for this week and into the weekend, and it seems its winds are more likely to affect us until Monday next week”.

Mr Hiriasia adds MET is currently monitoring current rainfalls and will soon start issuing heavy rain alerts for certain parts of the country.

“At the moment we are trying to monitor the rain and very soon there’ll be a heavy rain alert issued by the Met Service to especially the Southern parts of the Solomons like Temotu province, Makira, Guadalcanal and maybe parts of Malaita and Rennell and Bellona”.

Meanwhile,  the MET Director has made another call for people living near rivers and low lying areas to take precautionary measures after announcing another low pressure system in the southern parts of Temotu Province.

David Hiriasia says the MET Office will continue to monitor the situation and precautionary measures must be taken in case of floods.

He says further updates will be broadcasted on radio stations  and other media outlets.

“It’s advisable that people who travel by sea to listen out on SIBC or other media for marine forecasts or warnings we would issue. So it’s good for people to take heed of what the Met Service or our colleagues from the National Disaster Management have issued out”, said the Hiriasia.

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