Stop Corruption. Photo credit:

Stop Corruption. Photo credit:

The Anti-corruption Bill 2016 will address ‘corruption’ an endemic issue in the Solomon Islands.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Andrew Muaki made this introduction of the Anti-corruption Bill 2016, before the Bills and Legislation Committee hearing.

Mr. Muaki says corruption has been endemic in the country, as shown by the 2011 Corruption Index which placed Solomon Islands at 120 out of 182 countries.

He told the committee that in 2012, the Government ratified the UN Convention against corruption, an obligation it has to address locally.

He says the DCC Government in late 2014, also highlighted the fight against corruption, as one of its fundamental policy.

The PM’s special secretary says it is for these reasons that the Government created the Anti-corruption Bill 2016.

The hearing continues.

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