Temotu's main jetty. Photo: Courtesy of

Temotu’s main jetty. Photo: Courtesy of

A priority of the next provincial government for Temotu Province is to have Anuta represented in its provincial assembly as a separate provincial Ward from Tikopia.

The current provincial demarcation has Anuta grouped with Tikopia as ward 16, a grouping not well received by the people of Anuta.

Returning Officer for Temotu Provincial election Luke Paul Taula told SIBC News this has become an issue since the provincial elections in 2010.

Mr Taula believes, this has come about due to non-performance by previous provincial members who represented the people of Tikopia and Anuta.

“I believe this has come about since they thought the Tikopians who normally represent them as assembly members had never treat them fairly so as a result they have decided to be treated as a separate Ward from Tikopia.”

But the Returning Officer for Temotu provincial election says the next provincial government must consider this seriously.

“Right now Anuta is still under Tikopia in ward 16 and they have raised their concern to the provincial government, which has reached our office and just before the provincial government’s dissolution, they have already started initial discussions and I think the government has decided to help Anuta achieve their wish before the next government ends.”

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