Battle against invasive pests becoming more challenging: Tsatsia

Giant African snail

As reports of destruction caused by theĀ giant African snail and the coconut rhinoceros beetle come in from across the country, efforts to eradicate the invasive pests continue.

One part of the strategy involves sending biosecurity teams from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to several islands to verify the presence of certain pests and contain their spread.

But Francis Tsatsia, director of the ministry’s Quarantine Division, said it is becoming more challenging to do that.

The way the pests breed and spread makes them difficult to combat, he said.

The Quarantine Division is urging communities to support the Government’s efforts to contain these destructive pests.

“Our hope now is to engage more strong awareness so that everybody in Solomon Islands understands the seriousness of this,” Mr Tsatsia said.

“Whatever control measures we want to introduce, we beg farmers to follow instructions so that we can reduce the pests’ population, and by doing that hopefully we can reduce the spread of the pests.”

By Fred Osifelo

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