Bmobile Vodafone officers with the portal. Photo credit: SIBC.

Bmobile Vodafone officers with the portal. Photo credit: SIBC.

Bmobile Vodafone customers in Solomon Islands will now have access to a new online payment service.

This means individual and corporate customers can now settle their bills online.

Speaking to local reporters over the weekend, Bmobile Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Naill Downey said the new Internet portal was designed to be user-friendly for all their customers in the country.

He said customers can also view how they use their phone credits and their usage history.

“This portal also gives you access to see how your credit is used, you can create numbers for your family, your mother or your children, so again it’s making just ease of use. We’re also launching our new FaceBook page and our FaceBook we will make sure it’ll be the first area that we provide information, so when our 20 towers go live we’ll announce it on the FaceBook page. When any new products go live we’ll also put it on our FaceBook page because, you know, the Solomon Islands has a large appetite for FaceBook. You know the social media is getting larger and larger every month.”

SIBC News understands the country’s second mobile service provider will also build 20 new mobile towers in the country, which will go live by April this year.

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