Isabel's provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Isabel’s provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The absence of a medical laboratory at Buala Hospital in Isabel province has presented difficulties in identifying what caused the recent diarrhea outbreak in the province.

Nurse-In-Charge at the Buala Hospital Outpatient, Martin Gavira told SIBC News the Hospital has been without a laboratory for almost seven years.

“Since we have no laboratory it is unfortunate for us here at Buala hospital or Isabel Province, because a laboratory would help our efforts in investigating the virus or organism that caused the diarrhea here. We have been without a medical laboratory for almost seven years, so we would like the National Government as well as the mother Ministry and the Isabel Provincial Government to quickly address this situation.”

Mr Gavira advised Buala’s general public to adhere to proper personal hygiene practices to avoid spreading the diarrhea further.

SIBC News understands, the illness has already claimed 16 lives, mostly children, and affected over a thousand people in the past two weeks.

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