Rennell Island. Photo:

Rennell Island. Photo:

A former premier of Rennell Bellona Province Timothy Johnston has called on the care taker government, and the Attorney General to address the current issues affecting the province’s Provincial Assembly.

This call comes after the Ministry of Provincial Government dismissed the power of the current provincial executive.

Mr Johnston told SIBC News, this has become a major concern to the people of Rennell Bellona Province.

“The question for the NCRA Government , the Acting Minister, Permanent Secretary and the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Provincial Government, the Attorney General, is that who is really looking after Rennell Bellona at the moment? I’ve seen that the ongoing situation between the two mining companies on the island and the idea to acquire the Rennell island do not happen in the presence of a clear government that is in place or under the guidance of a proper administration that looks after such land acquisition processes.”

Mr Johnson adds the issue may also cause conflict among Rennell Bellona people.

“So with the landing of the heavy machine on the island, bringing confusing to the people, especially with some supporting them and others opposing the idea, it might as well cause arguments amongst themselves.”

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