Interim Chairperson of the JCSG & CC group, Barnabas Henson. Photo: SIBC

Interim Chairperson of the JCSG & CC group, Barnabas Henson. Photo: SIBC.

The joint Civil Society and Concern Citizens Group, JCSG and CC, is calling on the international donor community and foreign governments to impose a ” freeze on general aid,” direct budget support to the Solomon Islands Government.

A statement from the JCSG and CC says, Prime Minister Lilo should put his acts together and make a stop to members of his cabinet and government who are continuing to help themselves.

Interim Chairman of JCSG and CC Barnabas Henson made the call in light of the recent awarding of public contracts to a MP who owned company vessels by the Electoral Office.

Mr Henson adds, “Abuse of power, corruption and self- interest by those in political and executive office has never been so bold and daring in the history of Solomon Islands, saying the results should be clear and direct indicators to the international community that this country has gone out of control.

He states it is sad and unfortunate that the international community has intentionally turned a blind eye on official corruption in the Solomon Islands.

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