Permanent Secretary Chanel Iroi. Photo credit:

Permanent Secretary Chanel Iroi. Photo credit:

Disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and environmental management are top priorities for the Solomon Islands.

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology is taking a lead role in driving these initiatives.

A media statement from the Ministry says, several groups are already working hard to implement strategies to create resilient communities.

A three-day forum attracted representatives from government, Non-Government Organisations, agency, and other partnering groups to address these issues, and discuss ways to help communities become less vulnerable.

Under Secretary Chanel Iroi says all groups agree strategies for climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and environmental management will be more effective and sustainable through closer collaboration between all stakeholders – including communities in particular.

Mr Iroi adds this collaboration will help reduce climate, disaster and environment-related losses, and more efficient use of financial, human and natural resources.

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