A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

Community leaders in Malaita province have been urged to set up proper community disaster committees to be responsible for community disaster management.

Malaita Provincial Disaster officer, Pearson Simi told SIBC’s Malu’u stringer Lensley Kwaimani.

Mr Kwaimani reports Mr Simi as saying such a community set up will involve having a disaster management committee at the community level that collaborating with the provincial disaster office.

“Pearson Simi urged all community leaders around Malaita province to have a proper community setting which must include a disaster management committee to be responsible for disaster and risk reduction affairs of their communities and also to work together with the Provincial Disaster Management office at Auki in the future.”

SIBC News understands the first relief supplies will be delivered at Uhu in Small Malaita this week.

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