Director of Governance at the Prime Minister's office, Calvin Ziru. Photo credit: GCU.

Director of Governance at the Prime Minister’s office, Calvin Ziru. Photo credit: GCU.

Provincial consultations to fine tune the Political Parties Integrity Act has started in Gizo, Western Province this week.

The consultations are to examine and explore ways to further develop regulations for the Political Parties Integrity Bill 2014, which became an Act after it was passed in Parliament May this year.

Head of Governance at the Prime Minister’s Office, Calvin Ziru spoke to Adrian Sina of Radio Happy Lagoon in Gizo.

“I have with me you know a number of consultants that are able to support in the implementation of this Act and that’s the main reason why we are here in Gizo to commence a series of provincial consultations in the Western Province, later on in Malaita and also in Isabel to examine and explore how we can further develop what would be the regulations and the forms required under the Act for the purposes of registering political parties.”

He says the Act was enacted on June 30, and the process now is for them to bring the Act to a stage at which political parties can begin to register their parties.

SIBC News understands, this is the first of a series of consultations to be held throughout the country.

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