Crocodile attacks 7-year-old in Ngella river

Crocodile. Photo: Australia Broadcasting Corporation

A 7-year-old boy survived a crocodile attack at Poipodilo settlement in Ngella, Central Province yesterday.

The boy was allegedly swimming in a river at Poipodilo settlement when he was attacked.

After the crocodile pulled him underwater, the boy’s relatives threw stones at the crocodile, causing it to leave him.

Police in Tulagi responded to the incident.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander Inspector Hugo Maelasi said the boy received medical attention at the Tulagi hospital.

Inspector Maelasi said people who live alongside rivers, creeks, streams and in coastal areas must take precautions to avoid dangerous reptiles.

He said any sightings of crocodiles should be reported to the nearest police station or to police communications at 999 so that police can hunt and destroy them.

In July, the police force said it would step up its campaign to decrease the crocodile population in the country by deploying the Police Response Unit to the provinces to respond to crocodile reports.

By Lowen Sei 

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