Dame Meg Taylor PIF's Secretary-General. Photo credit: www.forumsec.org

Dame Meg Taylor PIF’s Secretary-General. Photo credit: www.forumsec.org

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General Dame Meg Taylor says she welcomes the progress made by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI under the agreed four-year draw-down strategy for the RAMSI Participating Police Force.

Dame Meg also praised the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for its role in ensuring peaceful and well managed national elections in 2014.

She said this demonstrates progress made by the Solomon Islands Police to strengthen capabilities to manage complex nationwide operations.

She said the professionalism of Solomon Islands Police Officers during the election is a credit to the collaborative efforts by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI towards building a stronger and professional Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

The Secretary General also reaffirmed the commitment of the Pacific Islands Forum to support the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI in their common goal to ensure the sustainability of the hard-won peace, security and stability in the Solomon Islands.

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