A cocoa plantation in Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

A cocoa plantation in Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

Developing the Agriculture sector is a top priority of the national government.

The Agriculture Ministry’s social page said more than 80 percent of the country’s population depends on this sector.

It says there is huge potential to engage in commercial farming, traditional crop cocoa and coconut farming.

These crops have contributed substantially to the economy of Solomon Islands. Recently, GPPOL is now making substantial contribution to the national economy.

The government is also looking at promoting and encouraging cattle farming and rice farming; a move to increase import substitution and develop food security.

Investment opportunities exist in this sector; to further expand commercial farming, down stream processing of available agricultural products and supporting agriculture best practice services.

The government says, as a priority sector, it is committed to assisting both local and foreign investors by providing investment incentives for their business and for the growth of this sector.

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