Archbishop Most Right Reverend David Vunagi. Photo credit:

Archbishop Most Right Reverend David Vunagi. Photo credit:

The issues of domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, climate change and Environmental degradation has not gone away in Solomon Islands according to the Archbishop of the Anglican Church the Most Reverend David Vunagi.

Bishop Vunagi made the statement during the opening of the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s 14th synod meeting this week.

He said, instead these issues are complex and difficult to imagine.

“The issues that I raised three years ago like domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, Environmental Degradation caused by mining and logging are not going away. Instead, they become more complex and difficult to imagine.”

Bishop Vunagi adds, currently Solomon Islands has recorded the highest number of sexual violence cases inflicted by a partner in the world.

“Of all sexual cases sexual violence inflicted by a partner records about 55 percent in Solomon Islands and that is the highest in the world, we set a record in the world.”

The most Reverend said, moral responses from Christians will help address these on going issues in Solomon Islands.

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