Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group Dr Derek Sikua. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Parliament.

Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group Dr Derek Sikua. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Parliament.

The Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group, Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua has questioned the process leading up to the National Healing and Apology programme this week.

These follows reports that the program was politically driven from the Prime Minister’s office.

A statement from the office of Leader of Independent group said, a concept created by Father Patteson Ngalihesi, National Peace Advisor and Ms Caroline Laore, TRC Consultant.

The report said the Program is a gross mismatch to the anticipated peace policy outcomes, ministerial programs and budget allocation under the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace.

Hon Sikua stated, the PMO is using the Ministry of Peace to facilitate the event, although it was not part of their program.

Sikua said such action from the PMO is undermining the primary role of the ministry.

Meanwhile the statement said, the process recommended in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report was seriously undermined.

For our nation to achieve lasting peace, there has to be a holistic approach including addressing all human rights violations and abuses during the ethnic tension.

The statement adds, records have shown, $5,721 cases are still not solved.

It said these undercurrents and cases mentioned cannot be neglected.

Sikua calls on the Prime Minister to explain why proper processes were not adhered as it will be detrimental in the long run.

He urge Sogavare to inform the nation of the process leading up to this programme.

Dr. Sikua proposed that such reconciliation ceremonies should be held only after all outstanding inter and intra level reconciliation are held between each parties especially, individuals, families and groups.

Hon. Dr. Sikua further called on PM Sogavare to stop using politics to reconcile ethnic tension related issues.

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