Minister of Education Dick Ha'amori. Photo credit: SIBC.

Minister of Education Dick Ha’amori. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is in the process of establishing and strengthening a new education division called the “Community Education Division”.

Education Minister Dick Ha’amori told the 9th Parliament, his Ministry has started projects that will improve the Literacy and Numeracy standards of the country.

As part of these projects Mr Ha’amori said the new division is hoping to at least improve the Literacy and Numeracy levels of those who are outside of the country’s school system.

He said the Ministry will give more attention to this division now than previously.

“The Ministry is in the process of establishing and strengthening a division to be known as the Community Education Division, which was never given much attention but now it will be given more attention, so although the Literacy and Numeracy rates of school aged children should improve, we are hoping through that division to also improve those who are outside of school system because you know sometimes Mr Speaker we left school at a very young age and have forgotten a lot by the time we are ready for marriage.”

The Minister for Education added, those outside of the school system need continuous assistance to be able to have an acceptable level of reading and writing.

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