A bay at Tulagi. Photo credit: SIBC.

A bay at Tulagi. Photo credit: SIBC.

Election preparation is progressing well for all of the Central Islands Province constituencies.

SIBC’s Fred Osifelo reports from Tulagi, the Returning Officer for Ngella, John Rapemora says election preparation schedules are progressing well ahead of Wednesday’s election.

“The Returning Officer for Ngella Constituency John Rapemora told me election preparations are on schedule according to the Governor General’s announcement recently.”

Osifelo also reports the selection of counting agents for the constituencies is expected to be completed today.

“The remaining activities yet to be completed are in terms of the appointment of Counting Agents which is expected to be completed today.”

Meanwhile, the SIBC reporter adds the Ngella constituency is expecting a good turn out of voters for the election on Wednesday.

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