The Matanikau bridge which is currently under construction. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Matanikau bridge which is currently under construction. Photo credit: SIBC.

Commander of the Australian Government’s Engineering Assessment Team, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Stone says his team is very impressed with the capability and the skills contained within the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Informing local media today of the work carried out on the Matanikau bridge, Colonel Mark Stone says according to the assessment, the emergency solution bridge at the moment is workable.

However, Civil Engineering Director of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Harry Rini says while the Matanikau bridge is open, there are certain restrictions.

“Although the traffic is open we have done a bit of¬†assessment on what kind of and sort of loadings can go over those temporary structures that were put there and currently we still allow vehicles of up to 30 tonnes, not more than 30, that’s the loading that we allow now, but there are also work in trying to do a bit more reinforcement on the other side of the bridge that is scouring.”

He adds, in the next few days they might consider revising the loading capacity of the temporary structure of the bridge.

SIBC News understands an engineering assessment team from the Australian Government comprising of Australian Defense Force personnel, Australian Civilian Core Engineers and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Personnel are here to support the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.

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