Cocoa pods ready for harvest. Photo credit: New Mail.

Cocoa pods ready for harvest. Photo credit: New Mail.

The newly established Cocoa and Coconut Association in North Malaita has raised concern over the distribution of coconut and cocoa rehabilitation program application form by Malaita province agriculture division.

Chair of the Association John Abana said only three application forms were distributed to about 2,000 coconut and cocoa farmers in North Malaita.

Mr. Abana questioned the transparency of the distribution of application forms as the government through its agriculture division is committed to assisting coconut and cocoa farmers in the region.

Meanwhile SIBC stringer for North Malaita John Andrew Kiri reports, the government has allocated $400,000 for the rehabilitation of coconut and cocoa in Malaita province.

“What surprised the association members was first, they heard that only $400,000 was allocated by the national government for Malaita province for cocoa and coconut rehabilitation this year.”

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