A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

A soccer ball. Photo credit: Team USA Soccer Jersey.

The tournaments held in the West Kwara’ae constituency have ended successfully this week.

The tourneys ended with a seven a side soccer knockout competition hosted by the newly elected Provincial Member for Ward Four, West Kwara’ae, Steward Mani.

Timothy Maearo from the West Kwara’ae Sports AssociationĀ told SIBC News the tournament was extra special because it involved different categories for children, women and men.

“We have seen groups of different categories, from children, youths, old men and women coming to show their support and participation, playing the games. Some even in their 40s and 70s came out to join the tournament during the festive season.”

He said similar tournaments have also been organised by the Dala North Football Club and the Onege Football Clubs during the festive season.

Mr. Maearo said the tournaments ended on Tuesday with a prize-giving ceremony.

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