Musical note. Photo credit:

Musical note. Photo credit:

One of Fiji’s top musicians and singer, Tuverea Tuamoto was in the country on a short business trip.

The lead vocalist for Fiji’s Nasio Domoni band who also featured Solomon Islands’ artist Young Devie in few of their songs, told SIBC News his band is planning to visit Solomon Islands in the future.

“We have tours to the region as well where we’re trying to promote some of our music to the region, so we are trying to get a trip to the Solomon Islands or the Pacific as well, so these are some of the plans for the band. As a vision, we’re trying to go out and perform as much as we can before we get new artists taking over.”

The Fijian musician adds, his band Nasio Domoni, will continue to work with Young Devie in producing more songs in the future, fusing Solomon Islands and Fijian music styles together.

Tuverea Tuamoto left for Fiji today.

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