Eco tourism. Photo credit:

Eco-tourism. Photo credit:

A first ever green tourism training ends successfully in West Russell, Central Province.

Conducted by Green Tourism, the training aims to provide resource owners the right knowledge to develop tourism in the country.

The Central Provincial Assembly Speaker, John Bosamata says the training marks a new era for its participants – most of whom have never had this training before.

“In his keynote address the Speaker highlighted that the training is an important one and a new era for its participants as it was the first of such training to be conducted at the rural level in Russell Islands and especially for those at the rural level.”

Mr. Suku adds, the Provincial Premier and his executive believe the training is a stepping stone for the people of Russell Islands.

“Hon. Selwyn Mapuli and the staff and Provincial Speaker applauded the training, initiated by Hon. Humphrey Salopuka, for reaching down to the people of Russell Islands, especially the resource owners.”

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