Dried beche-de-mer. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Dried beche-de-mer. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has denied any illegal harvesting of beche-de-mer in the country.

The Prime Minister’s Secretariat Office says, though the harvesting period beche-de-mer has ended, the Ministry maintains, an extension is necessary to enable producers bring their products from the provinces to Honiara for sale.

The ministry says an assessment by its officers has established that because of shipping difficulties, many producers would not be able to get their products to Honiara until mid this month.

Therefore possible extension to June 14 is necessary to enable producers sell their products.

Final shipments for the exporters are scheduled to start on June five and ends on June 14.

SIBC News understands under the previous arrangement, harvesting period for this marine commodity should have ceased on 30 April while preparations for export should have lapsed on 30 May 2015.

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