The former Field Force officers. Photo credit: SIBC.

The former Field Force officers. Photo credit: SIBC.

Former field force officers, who are awaiting the Government to act on their claims for payment for border security services provided during the Bougainville crisis, say they are not backing off from their plan to stage a ‘stand-off’ in the upcoming election.

The former field-force officers say their proposed stand-off includes not taking part in next month’s general elections.

Chair of the Border Taskforce Committee Oliver Twist Osi told SIBC News, former officers will not withdraw their plan to stage a stand off during the election unless the government settles their payment.

“It was a mandate from them and for such to withdraw, it has to return to them, but what makes them reach the stand-off then is the boarder allowances or rehabilitation and trauma counselling and this payment has to be made. Only then can the officers stand down from their planned stand-off.”

SIBC News understands more than 400 field force and police officers had served during the Bougainville Crisis which started in late 1980’s.

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