The Joint Civil Society Groups and Concerned Citizens, JCSG & CC, condemns the Government for disregarding the grievances and concerns of indigenous tribal groups in Munda that has resulted in the closure of the Ziata water source.

The Gumi, Gemu, Veo, and Miabule tribes in a petition to the Prime Minister in November raised their grievances and concerns with regards to the Munda International Airport development.

Their petition sought fairness and equitable treatment in how the Government has managed tribal claims in relation to the new international airport land, as well as longstanding issues regarding the Ziata Water Source.

Sources from Munda claimed that tribal representatives have ordered SIWA to shut-down the Ziata water pump installation, and have barred SIWA access to the installation.

A tribal spokesperson further stated that the international airport itself will be up next for closure.

The JCSG and CC urges the Government to act immediately to address the Ziata issue before the situation spirals out of control.


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