Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Photo credit: SICR

Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Photo credit: SICR

The Government has re-engaged the service of 20 politically appointed officers whose contracts have expired in April this year.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet says, final review for performance-based appraisals of Political Appointees (PA) by PMO senior officials has been completed.

The statement says the revised provisions are now awaiting final endorsement by the Prime Minister.

It says the re-engagement has been approved by the Public Service Commission.

It adds this will be formalized soon with more clarity built into the performance management mechanisms of the PA’s contracts.

This allows the government to continue demanding a minimum standard of performance from its PA’s, with assessments made at regular intervals during their contract period.

Meanwhile, the statement says, the improved performance mechanisms now included within their contracts, will be invoked if PA’s do not perform to the required level.

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