Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC.

Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group urges the Government to inform the nation on the progress of its promise to resurrect the Russel Islands Plantations Estate Limited (RIPEL).

As has been widely reported, the Government has established a cabinet sub-committee late last year to work on reviving RIPEL.

However, since the establishment of the subcommittee, the Government has not made any progress nor any reports on work done by the RIPEL sub-committee.

In a statement, the Opposition Group says, the question to be asked is whether the RIPEL cabinet sub-committee has achieved any noticeable progress in the Government’s plan to revitalize RIPEL.

It says, as a responsible Government, DCCG has a duty to inform the people of this country on this very important issue.

It adds RIPEL has been a vital agricultural industry that immensely contributed to the economy of this country.

Meanwhile, the Group says, it is aware that the Prime Minister met with Luvakal Trust Board and assured them that the Government would settle some of the complex issues surrounding RIPEL.

It says we are heading towards the end of 2016 and nothing concrete seem to be forthcoming from that ‘promise’.

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