Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

The 21 newly elected provincial members for Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly will take their Oath on the 5th of January 2015.

This was confirmed by Guadalcanal Premier, Mr Bartholomew Vavanga in an interview with SIBC News this week.

Mr Vavanga says if there are no changes, then number 5 January is the swearing-in date for the newly elected Guadalcanal Province MPAs.

Meanwhile, a losing candidate in the recent Guadalcanal Provincial Elections Mr Mark Gatu has made a call for all the newly elected provincial members of Guadalcanal Province to take their oaths more meaningfully and truthfully.

He says the new members should now lead the province with a change of leadership saying new members should not allow themselves to be fooled by returning MPAs who are likely to continue with their corrupt practices within the provincial government.

Mr Gatu adds the new MPAs should go into the house with a clear mindset, saying it is about time that the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly has a change of leadership.

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