Health Permanent Secretary Dr Lester Ross making his speech. Photo credit: SIBC.

Health Permanent Secretary Dr Lester Ross making his speech. Photo credit: SIBC.

Three new medical record books have been officially launched this week in Honiara.

The books were released during the official launching of the 2014 Immunization Week on Tuesday.

They are the Baby Book, which now comes in two colors – pink for girls and blue for boys; the Child Health Register; and, the Immunization Certificate.

The new Child Health Register will be distributed to clinics and hospitals across the country, and is to keep records of the number of children who received immunization.

Launching the new medical books at the event this week, the Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Dr Lester Ross said the colour distinctions are for ease of reference at hospitals and clinics, and immunization certificates are for immunized children.

“The pink one is for girls and the blue is for boys so that we can easily identify what gender attended clinical services. I am also pleased to note that now we will also have an immunization certificate. This is very important because we want all our children to get the immunization they need to protect their health and I am sure that this certificate can also be used for school enrolment to show that your child has received full immunization.”

SIBC News understands, the new medical record books were produced by the Ministry’s Reproductive and Child Health Division.

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