SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi speaking at the SINTA AGM. Photo credit: SIBC.

SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi speaking at the SINTA AGM. Photo credit: SIBC.

Samson Faisi says he is still the General Secretary of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association.

The SINTA Executive Council recently decided not to renew Mr Faisi’s one-year contract will SINTA, which had lapsed on April 17 this year.

But Mr Faisi told SIBC News, he was not part of the party that drew up his contract – the normal practise in any contract signing.

“The truth here is that I wasn’t part of the team which drew up the contract so that I am aware of it, because what normally happens in any contract is that both parties must be satisfied with the contents of the contract. In my case here only the team consisting of the former SINTA Executive members who left office on 15th January have drafted the contract. Furthermore, they didn’t give me ample time to go through and be satisfied with its contents before we can reach a compromise and sign a final contract and that’s why that’s included.”

Mr Faisi  also explains according to the SINTA Constitution, the post of a General-Secretary carries a four-year term, meaning he is still the General-Secretary.

“Now for them to go on and advertise the post like what the SINTA President has said, to me is not proper because I can say that I am still legally the SINTA General-Secretary because the terms of my contract had not expired. It’s just for that part that said one year which was supposed to be renewed was included in the contract. That’s the only mistake there.”

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