SIPA CEO Collin Yow. Photo credit: SIBC.

SIPA CEO Collin Yow. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Commission of Inquiry into Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA’s) Reform Program has completed its investigations into the actions by the outgoing SIPA’s Chief Executive Officer Collin Yow.

Among matters heard is the alleged dealings between Colin Yow and the predecessor of the current chairman of SIPA involving the importation of a container of roofing materials.

The Commission has investigated this matter to determine if the action constituted a breach of any written law or internal rules or procedures of SIPA.

According to the draft report of the Commission which SIBC News has sighted, Colin Yow does not appear to have played any significant role in this transaction.

The Commission confirmed the former board chair, Mr Nollen Leni as saying the roofing materials were ordered through Grace Ng of International Business Dynamics during a visit to Singapore in late 2014.

He further stated that Grace Ng paid the supplier and he subsequently reimbursed her.

The Commission’s findings indicate Mr Colin Yow was involved in the procurement and importation of the roofing materials, nor that there was a breach of any written laws or internal rules or procedures of SIPA.

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