The Oryctes Rhinoceros. Photo credit:

The Oryctes Rhinoceros. Photo credit:

The dangerous and invasive Rhinoceros Beetle is now invading coconut plantations on North-East Guadalcanal.

James Viriala of North East Guadalcanal reports, this latest development has forced all Coconut farmers in the area to seek assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture and Live Stock to quickly assess and deter the pest.

“Farmers are starting to spot the deadly insect around here and they are calling on the responsible authorities to come and assess the situation before it gets out of hand.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Viriala says the beetle already damaged about five to six hectares of coconut trees on North East Guadalcanal.

“It’s almost 5-6 hectares of coconut plantations here that is affected, so it seems quite a huge number of trees are affected.”

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