A map of Guadalcanal Province. Photo credit:

A map of Guadalcanal Province. Photo credit:

Lack of Infrastructure has resulted in a lot of home deliveries in the remote villages of Central Guadalcanal.

Team Leader of the Primary Health Care team in zone six, Jackson Beikera told SIBC News, last year, more a hundred mothers deliver their babies with minimal midwifery assistance in villages.

Mr Beikera says lack of basic infrastructure is the main cause because these communities live in the highlands.

“Distance is the problem for them due to difficulties in terms of road access and often wet weather could further worsen these difficulties leading onto more serious cases that sould be presented to the clinic, these as well as finance especially sources of income are some difficulties.”

Mr Beikera adds, malnutrition and late referrals to clinics are also two very common health issues in the remote villages.

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