Counting for Lau Baelelea. Photo credit: SIBC.

Counting for Lau Baelelea. Photo credit: SIBC.

For all constituencies across Malaita Province the results have been the same except for Lau Baelelea whose new comer Mae’ue Augustine Auga has unseated his predecessor Walter Folotalu.

Lau Baelelea constituents who waited patiently through four days of counting to hear the results, uttered shouts of jubilation upon Mr Auga’s announcement over the weekend.

Returning Officer for Lau Baelelea David Oeta announced the results at 8.30pm last Sunday, with shouts of joy from the supporters who waited all day long for the announcement.

“So therefore, as I’ve said on behalf of the Commission and on behalf of the Electoral Office here is Auki and Lau Baelelea I now declare that Mae’ue Augustine Auga is the Member for Lau and Baelelea.”

Mr Oeta also called on the Lau and Baelelea constituents who turned up to wait for the results to maintain their peaceful coexistence as they received the results.

“I’d like to once again beg you my good people of Lau Baelelea as you have been so patient with us for the past three or four days, please continue that spirit of cooperation and working together.”

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