A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo: SIBC.

A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo: SIBC.

Leaders in North Malaita Constituency are calling on the national government and the police to address youth problem in the country.

SIBC stringer John Andrew Kiri confirms, leaders in the constituency learn about increased youth problems in the area.

He explains, some youths in the area are addicted to alcohol, drug and other illegal activities.

Mr Kiri reports, leaders in the area suggest the government revises the alcohol related laws so that only mature people above 25 years can consume alcohol.

“They said the government must create a law for people who are reaching a certain age group, for instance over 25 years only can be allowed take alcohol so that whoever not reaching such age caught drinking alcohol can be dealt with accordingly.”

Mr Kiri adds police should also step up their community patrols and work closely with community leaders to address youth issues.

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