Adilah Dolaiano. Photo credit: panpacificmedia.wordpress.com

Adilah Dolaiano. Photo credit: panpacificmedia.wordpress.com

A locally produced -“Test Film” is among ten selected documentaries to enter the “Oceania Documentary Festival for 2015.”

This was confirmed by the producer and co-writer of the film Dr Anouk Ride to SIBC News in an interview.

She says, a lot of challenges were encountered while producing the film, yet the team is happy, its outcome is also recognised internationally.

“So the quality of production at the end according to my observation, is very high and has reached the international standards, so one sign to prove this is an annual film festival called the Oceania Documentary Festival which has around over a 100 entries and then it only picks 10 possible winning films. “The Test” is among the 10 films picked for the festival in 2015, so we are very happy that we did a job well done, recognised in the Solomon Islands, but also recognised overseas.”

The film was produced by Dr Anouk Ride and Directed by Adilah Dolaiano.

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