Ships birthing at the Point Cruz jetties. Photo credit: SPC.

Ships birthing at the Point Cruz jetties. Photo credit: SPC.

The Registrar of Ships, Captain Tim Harris clarifies the M.V Takana was purchased with the East Makira Constituency grant and its bill of sale is made out to the same Constituency.

But Captain Harris says, a company other than the East Makira Constituency has been trying to register the vessel under its name.

The Director of the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA) told SIBC News, there is no reference between the constituency and the company.

“We had no reference between the East Makira Constituent and the company that were applying for registration of the vessel, so we pointed this out to them that there must be a genuine link between the owners and the company, they must somehow sort that out. However, nothing was done and the next thing we know the vessel was operating just before Christmas, I think it was in December. It was still under detention because it was not properly registered.”

SIBC News gathers, the vessel’s registration was not done properly.

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