A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

Health authorities in Malaita Province have reported two measles-related deaths in the last two weeks.

Medical Health Services Director Malaita Province, Dr Huddie Namo confirmed the deaths to SIBC News saying one was an adult, and the other was a severely malnourished baby boy.

“The first one was a 25 years old female who died because of sever viral pneumonia, which is a measles complication and the second was a two years old six months male child who died also because of measles complications, was severely malnourished as well as having pneumonia. Those were our two deaths so far.”

Meanwhile, the Malaita Health Director says malnutrition amongst children is an issue in the country, and parents must ensure their children are eating a balanced diet.

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