Delegates who attended the meeting. Photo credit: FFA.

Delegates who attended the meeting. Photo credit: FFA.

A two-day workshop to assist Solomon Islands finalise years of work on its maritime boundaries has ended at the Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA, Head Quarter in Honiara.

A statement from FFA says Foreign Affairs and External Trade supervising Permanent Secretary Jeremiah Manele in his opening keynote to welcome the inter-agency support to the workshop says the work around mapping ‘invisible’ ocean-based sovereign boundaries is especially important for coastal states like Solomon Islands.

Mr Manele says Solomon Islands has recently seen new developments and new interests in deep sea minerals and resources- prompting the need for Solomon Islands to finalize its maritime boundaries.

SIBC News understands FFA and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community assisted with presentations resources to key government officials from Foreign Affairs, Fisheries, Maritime, Legal and other relevant sectors, in their maritime delimitation work in the Solomon Islands.

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