An example of an automatic rain gauge. Photo credit:

An example of an automatic rain gauge. Photo credit:

The Meteorological Services today received three additional Automatic Rain Gauges under the EU-NARI ARD Project.

The Automatic Rain Gauges are for Russell Islands, Gizo, and Buma in Malaita Province.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Permanent Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Jimmy Saelea says the equipment will help farmers plan their production and crop protection schedule based on rainfall measurements.

“The rain gauges are tools to help us understand the behaviour of our weather patterns. In terms of agriculture, we need this information to help us assist farmers and even farmers themselves can use this information to help them in their production systems in farming. For instance, they can predict the weather patterns so that they can plant crops at the right time as well as harvesting seasons in their crop protection areas.”

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