Buses along the Kukum Highway. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                                along the Kukum Highway. Photo credit: SIBC.

A former Government road works officer has called on the Ministry of Infrastructure Development to properly scrutinise road contractors before awarding them contracts to fix the deteriorating road conditions in Honiara.

This follows recent outcries in the media about poor road conditions which are continuously fixed by the same road contractors in Honiara.

Speaking to SIBC News on behalf of former road contractors, a Mr. Raks said fixing the road needs people who have proper qualification and experienced people.

“What we have seen especially those of us who have experience in such work, a lot of things involved needs major construction companies to seek experienced people who are well acquainted with such work, like from supervisors, road supervisors, plant operators, and those who are experienced.”

He adds the deteriorating road conditions in Honiara has been a long standing issue and it is about time the relevant Ministry urgently address it once and for all.

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