Chief Justice Sir Palmer. Photo: Courtsey of southpacific

Chief Justice Sir Palmer. Photo: Courtsey of South Pacific

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer says Members of Parliament do not have the right to dispense money under the MP’s Discretionary fund.

The Chief Justice was referring to the removal of guidelines within the Parliament Members’ discretionary fund in the 2015 Parliament Members entitlements Commission, giving more power to the MP.

Sir Albert warns the funds belong to the people and must be accounted for in a plain, transparent and responsible manner.

He says the original purpose and intentions for the existence of the fund were justifiable and reasonable because they took into account the representational duties and obligations of a Member of Parliament.

But he says after the controls and accountable mechanisms were removed, the use and purpose to which the fund could be used have been subjected to the whims of the Member of Parliament.

The Chief Justice adds it is not surprising that the use of this fund has attracted bad publicity and criticism and may even be the source of corruption and corrupt practices.

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