The Patron Milner Tozaka making his speech. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Patron Milner Tozaka making the announcement. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Scouts and Coast Watchers Trust Board has a new Executive Officer.

She is Annie Kwai, who recently graduated with Honors, with a Masters Degree in History from the Australian National University.

Making the announcement today, Patron of the Solomon Islands Scouts and Coast Watchers Memorial Trust Board, Milner Tozaka says the Trust Board is delighted to have Ms Kwai as its new Executive Officer.

“I wish to say that the Board is delighted to announce that Mrs Annie Kwai has been appointed as the Executive Officer of the Trust Board. We are proud to say that she has recently graduated from the Australian National University with a Masters of Art, with Honours in History, can we give her a round of applauds.”

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