The Kwaiafa bridge in East Malaita which was destroyed by flood waters. Photo credit:  SIBC.

The Kwaiafa bridge in East Malaita which was destroyed by flood waters. Photo credit: SIBC.

The negligence by responsible authorities would continue to cost lives across the country once immediate actions are not carefully heeded.

A David Sitea Bata from Malaita province told SIBC News today the tragic death of a person over the weekend along the deteriorated East Malaita road and the recent death of a child in Sikaiana could have been avoided once appropriate proactive measures are taken by the responsible authorities.

He describes such situations as “negligence” on the part of the government.

“It’s the Government’s negligence through it’s MID Ministry to hear the people’s call. I think the government though that the people are just voicing their concerns for nothing over the radio, but just over the weekend a life was lost, a situation that shouldn’t happen, but due to the government’s negligence these things will happen so I strongly call on the government to quickly step in, otherwise we will experience more similar accidents to occur.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Bata also calls on vehicle owners and drivers servicing East Malaita to be highly cautious.

“I would like to call on the vehicle owners of the east road and drivers to take extra precautionary measures when driving and be very careful, and vehicle owners make sure they employ qualified drivers, not taxi drivers to drive along the east road, you would have an accident, so I am asking vehicle owners to be careful and employ experienced drivers to service the east road.”

SIBC News understands, one person has died and five others seriously injured after the vehicle they were travelling on overturned due to bad road condition over the weekend.

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