Pneumococcal vaccine. Photo credit:

Pneumococcal vaccine. Photo credit:

A new drug to fight against pneumonia and meningitis in children has been launched today.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services introduced the new Pneumococcal vaccine – a historic achievement for young children in Solomon Islands.

The new vaccines ensure children will have access to vaccines and protected against Pneumococcus – a leading cause of death for children under 5 years old in Solomon Islands.

Director of Reproductive and Child Health, Dr. Divinald Ogaoga told SIBC News, the new vaccine will reduce children mortality in the country.

“It is important for us to address it because if you look at the data that is currently available in the Solomon Islands in the number of deaths under the age of five, which is one of the important targets for us to reach, in terms of reducing the mortality rates of children under five years old.”

The Director also said the vaccine will be distributed to clinics across the country.

“The aim is to reach high coverage of 90 percent of the kids.”

The vaccine will be available as injections.

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