PM Lilo with a copy of the newly launched Birth Registry

PM Lilo with a copy of the newly launched Birth Registry

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says the newly launched Birth Registration Program confirms the fulfilment of the National Coalition for Rural Advancement Government’s Policy No. 4.2.2- which is to develop a demographic and coding bill.

Mr Lilo says the government believes birth registration is vital to strengthening the overall Civil Registration and Vital Statistics systems to provide updated, continuous and reliable demographic information for well-informed public planning, policy development and strengthened service delivery.

He adds, the program also assist advance NCRA policy improve the lives of Solomon Islanders through a robust, accessible and sustainable Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System that provides complete, timely information to support good public policies.

Mr Lilo says the establishment and strengthening of the system is not simply a by-product of development, but, it directly contributes to development.

He explains, in the regional level, the system is also meant to support Pacific countries understand the crucial importance of vital statistics on births, deaths and causes of deaths and to improve the availability, accuracy and use of such statistics.

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