PAP current President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: SIBC.

PAP current President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: SIBC.

The People’s Alliance Party (PAP) will hold its National Convention in Honiara next month.

A statement from the Party said the venue, the date and the agenda are still to be decided on.

But it said the National Convention will be held to comply with its Constitution and the Political Parties Integrity legislation.

The statement added the National Convention will be its first since it registered under the Political Parties Integrity Act which stipulates registered political parties must hold their conventions to elect their National Executives.

It said all PAP financial members will be expected to attend the National Convention because a new executive will be elected.

The statement further adds only financial members who have been members for at least one year will take part in the election of a National President and a National General Secretary.

The current National President is the former Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena and the National General Secretary is Edward Kingmele who is now a National Consultant on the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Meanwhile, the statement said the current national serving officers can seek re-election if they wish to.

The Party has more than 300 financial members throughout the provinces.

Its Secretariat will require financial members from the 50 Constituencies to attend the National Convention and take part in the election of the new executive.

The Secretariat urged all financial members to take their membership of the party seriously, so consolidated efforts can be pooled together to build PAP membership and capacity.

The statement adds financial members wanting to contest the national executive positions can submit their nominations to the PAP Secretariat located at the Anglican Church of the Diocese of Central Melanesia in the church’s headquarters in Honiara.

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