Leader of the Official Opposition Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

Leader of the Official Opposition Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has described the Prime Minister’s Office response to the three ministers unpaid hotel bills as ‘nonsense’ and ‘misleading’.

The Leader of the Opposition Jeremiah Manele maintains, the bills were not ‘invented’ or a makeup as the Opposition is in possession of the actual outstanding bill and correspondents from the hotel, PMO, and the National Parliament.

Mr. Manele said, the opposition group also provided to the media for proof adding the simplest thing to do is for the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister to check the hotel or the PMO Accounts Division before making wrong statements in the media.

He said the SSPM’s attempt to save the face of DCCG against the strings of controversial issues and unwise financial dealings is just lame and laughable.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader said ministers’ luxurious lifestyles should never be paid by tax-payers of this country and that is the bottom line of the matter, especially when the ministers are already receiving their rental allowances.

He adds, his office will keep a close eye and reiterate the call for the Government and the three ministers to clarify as to who will be footing the bills.

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